The percentage of us who grew up with a single mother or father or parent-figure, you ever sat and thought that they need love too?A parents love is strong, but the love from another is stronger on certain fronts.

Now, for that percentage I’m talking too, there are some of us who witnessed our parents dating and some didn’t. To the ones who didn’t, its crazy that they’d put their child before them on EVERY front, now before you jump down my throat, I mean, its a gift and a curse. Not only do you have to raise your child (or children) ALONE, but you go through all the moments ALONE, cause friends n family can only get so close. Not to mention if your partner and child don’t get along, that is chaos within itself. To be trapped between your lover and your child, I think its wrong for a parent to kick a child out because they don’t get long with their boyfriend/girlfriend, but what about the selfish kids who want their biological parent back, and not to mention if your ex is toying with their mind blaming it on you that you two are not together. Such thin ice, that if you have a child or if you want someone with a child you have to go over..good luck with that..and good luck in life!