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Parents Dating….

The percentage of us who grew up with a single mother or father or parent-figure, you ever sat and thought that they need love too?A parents love is strong, but the love from another is stronger on certain fronts.

Now, for that percentage I’m talking too, there are some of us who witnessed our parents dating and some didn’t. To the ones who didn’t, its crazy that they’d put their child before them on EVERY front, now before you jump down my throat, I mean, its a gift and a curse. Not only do you have to raise your child (or children) ALONE, but you go through all the moments ALONE, cause friends n family can only get so close. Not to mention if your partner and child don’t get along, that is chaos within itself. To be trapped between your lover and your child, I think its wrong for a parent to kick a child out because they don’t get long with their boyfriend/girlfriend, but what about the selfish kids who want their biological parent back, and not to mention if your ex is toying with their mind blaming it on you that you two are not together. Such thin ice, that if you have a child or if you want someone with a child you have to go over..good luck with that..and good luck in life!


When is the last time????

You had a conversation with the person in the mirror

Why so serious???

Why so serious? A lit of things that we may value, or that may piss us off we don’t fully communicate. This is due to our environment, friends and family. Although this starting off isn’t a bad thing, it is something to remember in a relationship, because you’re partner might make an honest mistake and you’re going off on him/her when all you had to do is let them know from jump about you!!


There is no safe TRUE way to trust someone. But that isn’t a tragedy, the tragedy is being so afraid of being hurt that you miss out on life. Life is more about getting up than not falling down….think on it!


That isn’t as bad as it seems and / or sounds. Think about it, with your doctor, would you want a doctor who is willing to give you their 100% on everything, or just come to you when they can give you a good 20 or 30 percent when its convenient for them?

NO! Or well I hope not, but as long as you have your partner’s heart in mind, when you act/speak/ whatever, then all should be well. Also, that’s why you should COMMUNICATE with your partner, that makes loving them a lot easier on your part….PEACE

Thanks for stopping by, I know it looks a bit empty at the moment, but give us some time, we have a lot of ground to cover with so very little time to get to it. For starters, we’ll be adding different topics about live, love and the pursuit of happiness, along with a Q & A corner, and even poetry for starters, along with photos and video, we are really getting everything rolling. To answer the biggest question you’re wondering, WHY? Well, it’s because we often get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life and wanting love, but go about it the wrong way, or in the wrong place, and we often wonder why we are not getting 100% of love from our partners, when it could stem from us not loving ourselves 100%. We will NOT promote sexism, or chauvinism, but we will promote growth for healthy relationship(s), with yourself, your friends, your family or lover..because before you can truly love anyone you have to love yourself first!

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