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Food for thought

“Under commit and over provide”

A very key of life, love and the pursuit of sanity. Something so simple yet so profound. So now that we’ve looked at the food for thought, let’s dig in!

The first part, under commit, is only meant in a reference to what you say you’re gonna do! Don’t spend too much time giving speeches about doing…just do it! Plus when you say you’re gonna do something do more! I know there is a huge amount of unappreciative people in the world, but just remind yourself they have to answer in the end for what they’ve done. For the few, genuine people left, your actions and work ethics will speak scores more than any fancy speech. I will go deeper but that’s it for now!


Food for thought

He/she can’t help build it up, if they also can’t get the oppertunity to break it down.

Food for Thought

As of right now, we are past the half-way or “hump” of 2009! How are you doing? How is it going??? Are your dreams any closer / clearer than they were in the first quarter??? Think on it

Food For Thought

You’re not truly awake until you know what your dreams are, what the path you have to take, the steps needed then you’re ready for the day.

One of the hardest things about loving is yesturday, because you’ll never get a chance to re-do or undo anything you have already done.

Countdown until?

Less than 100 days before Christmas, less than 100 days until 2009, how many days till you follow your heart?

When is the last time????

You had a conversation with the person in the mirror

That isn’t as bad as it seems and / or sounds. Think about it, with your doctor, would you want a doctor who is willing to give you their 100% on everything, or just come to you when they can give you a good 20 or 30 percent when its convenient for them?

NO! Or well I hope not, but as long as you have your partner’s heart in mind, when you act/speak/ whatever, then all should be well. Also, that’s why you should COMMUNICATE with your partner, that makes loving them a lot easier on your part….PEACE